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Warranty and Maintenance

Purchase of haircut scissors should be big-ticket purchases for most beauticians. That is why you may want to check its quality by all means with great deliberation . However, in case of online shopping, you cannot touch and see products, and it could be a headache to you.

In order to clear this issue, we are pleased to provide all products sold at this shop with two types of warranties: 30-day money-back guarantee and a lifetime guarantee. Our mission is far from just selling products. Rather, we always put much faith in that our customers can use our products regularly for long periods, and think that provision of fruitful warranty and maintenance is the most effective means to realize our wish .


About Warranty

  30-day money-back guarantee
  We will return money to you for whatever reason as long as it is within 30 days of arrival of products. The policy of Yamamura Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is to get rid of customers' anxiety as much as possible. It would be our great pleasure that only those who fully understand products' usability through actual trial use of them. ※This is confined to domestic area (=Japan) only.
A lifetime guarantee of product quality
Except for the case of damage or loss of parts due to users' carelessness, we will provide a lifetime guarantee. This can't be possible without the fact that Yamamura Manufacturing Co., Ltd. takes all responsibilities for production and quality control, which also shows our good will that customers can use our scissors for a long term with keeping good quality.

※Regarding the case of broken blade, except for our product defects, we are unable to repair it. ※Since there is a condition that only Yamamura Manufacturing do maintenance such as edging and adjustment, this warranty can not be applied to the case that you have other companies do maintenance even once.


About Maintenance

  We will provide you with "Full Maintenance"
  We will provide you with "Full Maintenance" which emphasizes balance and sharpness of scissors, not edging and adjustment. While a general maintenance has 2-5 items for check and 2-7 processes of maintenance, our maintenance has 10 items for check and 12 processes of maintenance.
How to use our maintenance service
(1) Please make sure to pack your scissors properly so that it won't get broken in transit, and send it to us. (※Customer is responsible for all shipping charges of returned items.)

(2) On its arrival, we will start to do maintenance immediately.

(3) After maintenance, you will receive scissors with "Scissor Carte" which shows the result of maintenance and place of maintenance. (※ We will deliver them at OUR cost.)
Term of Maintenance
We will deliver in 7 working days (excluding Saturday, Sunday, national holidays, the Bon festival, the year-end and New Year holidays) after arrival of scissors.
Price :
3,150 yen (tax included)

HOME > Warranty and Maintenance