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Cnditions of Use


When you order and purchase any tangible merchandise from KEIUN Online Ship, you must agree to the following:

Order Acceptance Policy

Customers must register at KEIUN Online Ship. The customer can cancel his/her order partially or completely anytime before sending payment. KEIUN Online Ship reserves the right to reject any orders from any customer for any reason. KEIUN Online Ship also cannot be held liable for any items confiscated by customs officials in the customer's country.

Pricing Policy

Although the prices listed in the catalog are always current, they are subject to change without notice. Such changes will always be reflected in the catalog before they take effect.

Payment Acceptance Policy

The payment options are credit card only. Personal checks will not be accepted.

Order Fulfillment Policy

KEIUN Online Ship shall fulfill the customer's order as soon as possible after confirming or receiving payment. It shall notify the customer of the approximate date when the order will be shipped (in part or in whole). If there is a foreseeable or abnormal delay in shipping the order, KEIUN Online Ship shall notify the customer as soon as possible. If KEIUN Online Ship cannot ship an order within 10 days after receiving payment, the customer will be notified and will have the option to receive a full refund for the unfulfilled order or to have the amount credited to a future order.

Most the items can be shipped within 7 days. However, an item can be sold out at any time. In such a case, the customer will be notified and will have the following options: 1. Receive a full refund for the unfulfilled order. 2. Have the amount credited to a future order. 3. Order an alternate item and pay any extra amount required or receive a partial refund if the alternate item has a different price from original item ordered.

Special shipping requests (priority air mail, EMS Express Mail Service, etc.) as specified on the order form will be accepted whenever possible. The additional cost will be included in the price quote.

Everything KEIUN Online Ship ships will be packed and sealed well enough to withstand normal handling and transit. However, KEIUN Online Ship cannot be held liable for any product damage incurred by the postal or courier service during shipment. KEIUN Online Ship also cannot be held liable for any items lost in the mail or stolen before reaching the customer. In the case of EMS shipping, the item is insured up to 20,000 yen.

The customer must bear any customs or import duties that apply in his/her country.

Returns & Refund Policy

Since we sell only quality items, customer satisfaction with the merchandise is virtually assured. However, there is no money-back guarantee. Once payment is made to KEIUN Online Ship, the sale will be final. Product returns and refund requests will be accepted only in the following cases:

  • KEIUN Online Ship shipped the wrong item due to its error. In this (highly unlikely) case, KEIUN Online Ship shall pay for the return shipping cost. KEIUN Online Ship shall also refund the applicable amount or ship the correct item by priority air mail (at no extra cost), whichever the customer prefers.
  • KEIUN Online Ship shipped an item that has a defect incurred during the item's manufacture (not including any damage incurred during delivery). The same action described above for a wrong item shipped shall be taken.
  • The item the customer ordered is no longer available or KEIUN Online Ship cannot ship it within 2 months after it received payment for it. In such a case, KEIUN Online Ship shall give the customer a full refund for the item or credit the amount for a future purchase.

Other Policies

These above terms and conditions are subject to change at anytime. Any major policy changes will be stated at the top of this section. Non-compliance with any of the above policies may be permitted upon the mutual consent of KEIUN Online Ship and the customer.

Any item of contention not covered by the above "Terms and Conditions" is to be resolved amicably through the mutual consent and agreement of KEIUN Online Ship and the customer.

Privacy guaranteed: The ordering and purchasing information, and all other personal information you provide for your order will never be sold, rented, or revealed to any party not involved in processing your order. Complete confidentiality will be maintained. See our

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